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Welcome to Sunday Rollers!

Sunday Rollers is a hardcore guild created to enjoy raiding content amongst friends on Jubei'thos. We are a group of like-minded gamers focused on downing end-game content in a mature and fun way. We raid 3 days a week; Wednesday 8-11pm, Friday 8-11pm, and Sunday 8-11pm (all times are server time).

We expect members to ensure they have fun at all times while completing all challenges Blizzard throws at us.

Our Member's Forums include class guides, strategies, video's and any other information that might assist guildys in their experience.

Please check out the Forums - General - for info on Recruitment and our Guild Charter.

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WoD ALPHA - Bloodmaul Slag mines

Rázá, Jun 8, 14 7:18 PM.


Rázá, Jun 5, 14 4:23 PM.
Hey hey, seeing as a few are having trouble with the garrosh encounter, good guide explain everything PLEASE WATCH!

Sunday Rollers Actively Recruiting for Warlords!

Taipandanno79, May 18, 14 7:33 PM.
Hey Guildys

We are now very actively recruiting for Warlords of Draenor. We will be running 25 man normals (or Heroics in WOD), so that we can do 20 man Mythic difficulty.

If you run any good pug runs with other Jubei members, it might be worth seeing if they are interested in joining us.

I will be recruiting on the Blizzard Forums and spamming Org as much as I can. If anyone knows other methods for recruitment please let me know.

Cheers, Taipan

Sunday rollers spoils kill video!

Rázá, Apr 23, 14 10:15 PM.
welcome back everyone here is our first mist video Normal mode, Spoils of pandaria, typical rollers kill last second hahah! i hope you enjoy

Dragon Soul Clear

Rockee199, Dec 23, 11 11:17 PM.
Spine of Deathwing
 Deathwing Dead
 DW Spam
 52K DPS
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